Session 5 (Parallel)

Control, Governance and Specialized Courts for Resolving Investment Disputes

Chairman: Dr. Fahad Al-Zemaiea

Faculty Member - College of Law - Kuwait University

Time: 14:00 - 15:45(Kuwait Time)

Session Researches

Prof. Abderrahim Chemiaa

Private Law Depart. - Faculty of Law - University Moulay Ismail - Meknes - Morocco

Dr. boukhors abdelazuz

Law - Faculty of Law and Political Science - Mohamed Boudiaf University

Dr. Mohammad Alhadiya

Department of Jurisprudence - School of Shariaa and Islamic Studies - University of Kuwait

Dr. Noureddine Berri

Public Law Dept. - Faculty of Law and Politics Sciences - Abderahmane Mira s University- Algeria

Dr. Rishi Gulati

Law Department - London School of Economics - University of London

Prof. Yusuf Obeidat

Private Law Depart. - Faculty of Law - University of Yarmouk- Jordan